little shot 2" 12 for $1.80 

2"  crappie  blast 10 for $1.50
red in White
 green and white
 yellow and white
 June bug in  chartreuse
 black in  white
 pink in  chartreuse
 pink in  white
 green in  yellow
  clear with silver glitter
 black in  chartreuse
 blue in  white
Green in chartreuse

$30.00 to $50.00 $7.90  
$1.00 to $30.00 

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Willow Warm 2" 20 for $3.00
Flat Tail Stinger Chubby         2" 20 for $3.00
Flat tail Stinger Grub
     2" 20 for $3.00
​Blue monkey milk
​Pink monkey milk
​Fourth of July monkey milk
Clear With Silver glitter
Slab buster Stinger 2.5" 24 for $3.00
​Acid rain
CAJUN Cricket 
​Purple banana
​Pink and lime green
​Blue and pink
Arkansas Stingers 20 for $3.00
​Free shipping on orders over $50
CAJUN Cricket