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​ instructions for how to fish with jigs and plastic baits for crappie. I have over 55 years of experience  most common mistakes never use a snap swivel directly on your jig never use a  tight knot on your jig. use a loop  type not on your jig  picture below100% of the time I use 4 pound test line  this allows for my small jigs such as 1/32oz.  in smaller to get down faster  in the water.  allow your plastic bait or jig to fall slowly retrieve it with  a slight  twitch of your rod  sometimes you will only feel a slight tap set the hook.
 using a float  you sometimes have two very good depth trying to find where the  strike zone is  cast out with your   bobber  slightly move it in   stop keep doing this if you see the float go under or move set the hook. places to find fish trying to find something trees or rocks or drop-offs these are ambush places for the fish to feed. if you have a fishfinder use it  to locate  ledges and drop off  and sometimes trees are so and you cannot see from the surface. you can  use  deep diving   crank baits  sometimes very effective  I do not like to do it myself  I am strictly a vertical fisherman  I'm mainly a tight line or a float fisherman  I hope that this will be some benefit to you and hope that will improve your fishing catches.
This is the correct way that you should be using your jigs noticed a loop in the line to the jig.
 never do this.
 never do this  a tight knot to the jig this kills your action.